Our second activity is the sharing of knowledge and information - "know how" We are employed by leading companies and organizations specialising in piping systems applications. We provide manuals and instructions incorporating rules and procedures for the construction of their gas or liquid pipeline systems.

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We are active in national and international standardization bodies and strive to be at the forefront when it comes to knowledge of piping and distribution plants. This knowledge we convey to our customers as well as offering advice in our specialist area. We collaborate with companies such as AGA and Linde Healthcare and several leading pipe and fittings wholesalers in Scandinavia, such as Ahlsell and Dahl. We strive to give our customers and partners the very best of service and the best possible products.

Amon's Quality Management System has been assessed and registered by Intertek Certification AB as conforming to the requirements of EN 13485:2012. Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes. Quality management system: “Degreasing of products for medical, the food industry and industrial use, also the formalization of information concerning central medical gas distribution systems and other industrial applications for clean pipe systems".

LPDS - "Logical Process Documentation System"
LPDS is a system, developed entirely by us to document all relevant degreasing processes including date, order number, operating pressures, product identification, standard conformity, dimension and a certificate number.

A unique , customer order specific barcode/QR provided LPDS certificate and LPDS barcode/QR labels attached to each part of every consignment of pipes and fittings for identification and construction documentation. The system will soon be interactive so our  customers can track over the Internet, document; service, maintenance and any changes in their installations.

AMWOL - "Access and Measurement While On Line"
AMWOL is an ongoing project and a proposed quality assurance system for central gas plants located in primarily hospitals. AMWOL is an acronym for Access and Measurement While on Line and is a patented system suitable for gas streams, or flows of other media, where flow control, safety, purity and accuracy in the monitoring of the distribution of gas is important.

AMWOL can measure and monitor flow, pressure, migration, particulate matter, concentration and Dew Point without causing disruption in the distribution of gas or other media.

AMWOL can be equipped with flow meters, manometers, filter units and measuring equipment for particulate measurement, all according to customer's specifications. AMWOL is an alternative connection point for backup gas with a disruption of regular flow or during scheduled maintenance . The site for placement of AMWOL should be well ventilated and managed space with ample room for spare cylinders and handling equipment. AMWOL can be fitted with gas specific reserve gas supply outlets.