Degreased pipes & fittings

We degrease copper, steel and stainless steel tubes and fittings. Amon has core expertise in degreasing products, as well as in-house, regulatory, technical and manufacturing know-how. We are also acknowledged specialists in knowledge and information management.

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Amon AB degreases tubes and fittings for applications where demands for high purity and cleanliness are required. Our cleaned tubes are used in the food, engineering and chemical industries, in laboratories, in nuclear power stations as well as in central medical gas systems in hospitals. A large part of our production is exported to neighbouring countries in the Nordic region. We wash and clean copper tubes, capillary fittings, steel and stainless steel tubes and valves, threaded parts and many other types of fittings needed in a piped liquid or gas distribution system.

We degrease tubes and fittings using an environmentally friendly degreasing method and rinse inside and out with clean water under high pressure. We clean and blow dry with dry bottled gas (nitrogen).

For some certain tube qualities we use pneumatic cleaning plugs under high pressure. We also use clean bottled nitrogen as a propellant.

We degrease end feed fittings using an ultrasonic washing process, we rinse with deionized water and 99.7% ethanol. Fittings are then dried with dry bottle nitrogen. All fittings are individually packed in plastic and clearly labelled.

Our finished tubes are protected with end caps and protectively packaged. We normally supply tubes in wooden crates. For smaller shipments, tubes are packaged and securely mounted on wooden planks fitted with impact protection at both ends.

Precise instructions on how the material is to be handled at the workplace are supplied with all deliveries. Fittings are delivered in sealed, clearly labelled plastic bags. With every delivery we supply spare end plugs and a copy of cleaning certificates and material specification. Original Certificates are always sent directly to the client.

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Amon’s Quality Management System has been assessed and registered by Intertek Certification AB as conforming to the requirements of EN ISO 13485:2012 Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes. This specific QMS is applicable to – “Degreasing of products for medical, the food industry and industrial use, also the formalization of information concerning central medical gas distribution systems and other industrial applications for clean pipe systems”