Our company president Denis Lodge was named Entrepreneur of the Year in Tingsryds Municipality 2012. At the regional finals gala evening in Alvesta, Denis was surprisingly happy when he was named as entrepreneur of the year in the whole of Kronoberg län. Justification for the award reads as follows...


“Entrepreneur of the Year in Kronoberg County 2013 goes to a person who, in addition to running a successful business, has a burning public interest. The company has the world as his game plan and is the best at what they do. Entrepreneur of the Year is also an authority on technology and standard setting in their specialist fields.

In his home town this year’s entrepreneur is driven in improving the business environment, solve local business problems and is a person who never hesitates to support entrepreneurial colleagues who need help. The entrepreneur of the year also takes his social responsibility in the development of entrepreneurship in the county as a whole.

The entrepreneur of the Year in Kronoberg County 2013 is Denis Lodge who runs the company Amon AB.”


NB – The Sweden finals take place on October 11th at Stockholms City Hall "Blåhallen"... the same venue as is used for the Nobel prizes! Well who knows!