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Denis Lodge i Japan

Denis Lodge

Managing Director - CEO

Englishman. Married to journalist Carina and father of five. Denis is a former elite soldier in the British military and a teacher of sailing and rock climbing! He played rugby pretty well as a young man and has been on virtually every continent on earth. He lived in Asia for three years in the sixties. He has never lived outside the southern Swedish county of “Småland” since he came to Sweden in the early 1970's. Denis was named Entrepreneur of the Year in Tingsryds Municipality 2012 and in the regional finals - “The Entrepreneur of the Year” in Kronoberg County 2013.

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Jonas Karlsson


Jonas has been employed at Amon since 2005 and works with a variety of jobs, both in the workshop and nearly everything that is related to IT at the company. He is a proud father of two young daughters. He spends his most of his free time with his family, however, he is not disinclined to participate in a little adventure now and then, otherwise he just loves to fiddle with computers, networks, etc…

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Mari Tomasson

Office manager

Mari is originally from the southern Swedish county of Blekinge, which borders on the Baltic sea. But she now lives in Urshult. She has lived in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden for over 18 years working in finance and administration during that time. That is also what she is doing at Amon.

Mari enjoys traveling and enjoys spending some of her free time in the great outdoors. Her somewhat diversified background includes living in an airplane hangar and refueled and flying small aircraft - She can also boast to having flown in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon in the USA!

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Sebastian Lodge

Project Manager

Sebastian is the company's newest addition and has a background from the Royal Institute of Technology where he studied Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Industrial Management. He has been a helicopter rescue swimmer in the Swedish air force and one of his major interest is alpinism which has resulted in a couple of years in Austria as a ski instructor.

During the past two years, Sebastian has been involved in producing Amon's latest venture, PREFABRICATION. Sebastian has been focusing on the company's product portfolio, QMS and management.

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