Amon AB's goal is to achieve and maintain customer focus on our products and services, to accomplish this we have divided our business into two main parts. Our first priority is our workshop and our second the process of dissemination of knowledge that relates to the service industries we support.

To achieve these two main objectives Amon AB has internal departments encompassing personnel, finance, marketing and IT functions.


Our workshop facility is primarily involved with cleaning pipes and fittings  to meet Swedish Standard SIS HB 370 which stipulates a max of 2,5mg/m² hydrocarbon residue which is the backbone of a laboratory or clinically clean liquid or gas transport installation.  To ensure the pipes are supplied to our clients in the same condition as post production our maintenance and inventory is under the watchful eye of our production manager.


Working within local, national and international standards bodies, and interacting with leading players in the field of standardization, we strive to obtain knowledge of the relevant standards and reference materials to maintain a deep understanding of medical and laboratory gas installations and there use. Our primarily markets are the Nordic countries and the Baltic States with expansion into international markets in the foreseeable future.


We are active in the development of our in-house quality-enhancing support systems for the transport of clean gas or liquid media, as well as the creation of technical documentation regarding clinical and scientific pipeline systems and products.

Work with Amon AB's “know-how” that falls outside of the field of clinical and scientific transport, is conducted in the company’s wholly owned subsidiary Lodge & Company AB.

Our organization:

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