About Us

Welcome to Amon AB, the leading provider of clinically cleaned tubes and fittings for medical and industrial gas and other media in Scandinavia. We are located in the so-called horse kingdom in southern Småland, which in turn is called Sweden’s stone kingdom. We are specifically situated in scenic Urshult, Tingsryds Municipality.

Amon AB is situated in scenic Urshult, Tingsryds Municipality, currently Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are our home market.

Our core business is the degreasing of copper pipes, stainless steel pipes and tubes for clinically clean transport of various medium to both industry and healthcare facilities. Initially we commenced our cleaning process in an abandoned petrol station and in 2000 we relocated our operations to purpose built premises in a large industrial complex in Urshult. These spacious and bright facilities now house our process hall with two degreasing plants. The premises also include our assembly plant, offices and storage facilities.

Amon's core business is the degreasing of tubes and fittings for medical and other demanding industrial applications. We have, through our experience of regulatory standards and procedures established ourselves as a reputable specialist company. Our customers include specialist gas companies such as AGA, Linde Healthcare & Air Liquide, to the leading plumbing wholesalers in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries such as Ahlsell and Dahl.

Amon, or Amun, was originally an Egyptian Thebes Dynasty god. When the dynasty united Egypt, Amon was worshiped as the highest ranking god in the Egyptian heaven. A number of other gods were included in Amon's deity or figure, one of these was the god Ra, which led to the composite god Amon-Ra. Amon-Ra is considered one of the major gods of creativity and justice in Egyptian mythology - One story about Amon says that he was born from the eggs he had created, which in turn created order out of chaos.

Just like the Egyptian god Amon, we at Amon AB strive to create order out of chaos. Our third party certified quality system, EN-ISO 13485:2012, keeps track of our manufacturing and administrative processes. Our primary products, SAMedical tubes and fittings are carefully controlled and checked from untreated tubes leaving the foundry to when certified and CE marked SAMedical tubes are installed in central medical gas systems or demanding industrial applications that require high cleanliness and reliability. Amon´s SAMedical copper tubes and fittings supplies medical gases in hospitals in order to save lives.

We hope that we at Amon are perceived by our customers and partners as friendly, reliable and trust worthy, orderly and fair. That our response to our customers’ requirements gives them peace of mind and in doing so ensures, at least for our part a trouble free working day! - “For safety sake” has become an Amon motto.